• Karen


    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Karen, founder of Coco Calasich™.
    After finishing my degree in Administration and practicing it for a few years, I realized that my true dream was to create my own business. That's when Coco Calasich™ was born after I decided to quit my job to be closer to my baby and my family. At first, my mom and I did everything alone in my
    small house in Querétaro. But now, I am lucky to have a small but great team that has become part of the family that supports me, which allows me to focus on order management, designs, suppliers, personalized service for each one of you and at the same time take care of my baby.

    A little fun fact about me: I like to drink a good coffee in the morning to start the day with energy, I love chocolate and my favorite pastime after a long day at work is spending time with my baby and my family.

  • Coco (Mom)

    Sewing manager

    Hello! I'm Socorro, but everyone calls me Coco. The truth is that I am a little shy to appear on camera, however, I like to make new friends and always support my daughters. I have always loved crafts, creativity and sewing since it is something I learned since I was little, but above all doing something that brings joy to others is immensely rewarding for me. I am very proud of this brand because my daughter made it in honor of my name and that is something I never imagined... seeing that my
    name and our designs can reach all parts of the world is one of the things that became a reality in my life in an incredible way and knowing that I am part of choosing fabrics, sewing and teaching our sewing team to perfect every detail to Achieving the best quality of our products is what makes me proud.

    A little curious fact about me: I really like to sing with my group of friends from the choir, I love wearing blouses with colorful Mexican embroidery, but above all I really like Mexican food, especially pozole, it's delicious!

  • Claudia


    Hello! I'm Claudia, an extraordinary seamstress. I joined the Coco Calasich™ team by pure chance, at a meeting of the choir where Coco sings, we met, they told me about their project and we agreed that I could contribute my knowledge and skills to create unique pieces that go with the concept of the store so they offered me a job in 2020 and of course I couldn't turn down the opportunity to be part of something so special. My role in
    Coco team is to help put together the products they create.

    A little fun fact about me: In my free time I like to go out and have fun with my family.

  • Liliana


    Hello! I'm Lili, an extraordinary seamstress. I met Karen and Coco around 2021, then
    After a small talk, Karen offered me to work with them and of course I accepted because it is a job in which they gave me the opportunity to work from home and that for me was a very good opportunity because I can be with my family all the time.
    time and taking care of them. My specialty on Team Coco is helping make the pom poms, but I also help make some products, like table runners, pillows, and more.

    A little fun fact about me: I like to cook and I'm proud to be part of it.
    great team Coco.

  • Aylin

    Operations and Social

    Hello everyone! My name is Aylin and I am in charge of the online community and Social Networks of Coco Calasich™. I joined the team in 2021 before finishing my degree and I realized that what I liked most was working in social networks, so Karen and Coco saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to work with them. My main role is to assist with order fulfillment, product photography and creating social media content. It has been a wonderful experience working in such a happy and positive work environment! Which makes that
    I like my job more and more.

    A little curious fact about me: I really like photography, I love dogs and I
    I like to listen to music all the time.

  • Matthew

    Mini CEO Baby

    Hello! My name is Mateo, but let's be honest, mom is writing this because I can't do it yet. I started this adventure in coconut a little over 5 months ago and it has been very fun because I can be with mom all the time! My main functions in Coco
    Calasich™ are making the Coco team smile at home or when they come to visit us, play, eat,
    take a nap on time and have mom play fun music.

    A little curious fact about me: I like to watch Mickey Mouse, go for walks with my parents and see
    What is mommy doing all the time?

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